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Bespoke, creative, unforgettable.
With Alpha, the event you were dreaming about is at your fingertips. We aim at helping you design and realize top quality events to make an impression.

We are strategic. We are creative.
We are on top of things, from A to Z.
We are Alpha Events!

With headquarters in rocky
Switzerland and 8 years of
experience in organising corporate
events, we are adept at crafting
top-quality events, by working
strategically with our clients since
the first steps of their project.
Whether you are planning an internal
product launch, organising your next
B2B conference or celebrating your
company anniversary, Alpha has the
right proposition for YOU.
You dream it, we make it.



& Meetings Conference & Meetings

Conferences are among the most important events for most businesses, as well as the toughest, as they require many efforts, to be spent for planning, finding and setting the place up and managing logistics, among other things. We assist you in every step of this complex task, setting you free from all the hassles.

Logistic Conference & Meetings

Whether you are looking for a small meeting room or a massive conference hall, we make sure your gathering gets the most suitable location. We scout the best spots all around Europe and carry out every onsite management and technical chores, sparing you all the fuss. We curate everything, from hostess hiring to guests’ transfers, from permissions to delivery wrangles.

Management Content Management

On- and off-screen contents are essential for conveying your brand messages, before, during and after your events. Promoting such special occasions is an invaluable way to raise awareness of your company, as well as to strengthen the bonds you hold with clients. Our team works creatively to come up with out-of-the-box contents, which make your event-and your brand-resound with success!

Event Design and
Concept Creation Event Design & Concept Creation

Every event has a motive and every motive has a target audience and these have to be kept in mind to secure the success of your meeting or conference. Our team helps with ideating a suitable event theme, crafting its visual identity and delivering a proper communication plan. We take also care of the conception and production of all related materials.

Management Participants' management

Of course, people are at the core of your event. You can rely on our team for all that concerns registration, accommodations and participants’ lists, plus many other things. We are attentive at handling our clients’ budget in the most transparent way, ensuring they are always very well informed about the use of their resources at every step of the project.

Entertainment Entertainment

Engage and delight your participants, by spicing up lunches and dinners with theme activities and a good mattering of fun. Creativity and customisation is what Alpha Events puts in place to deliver a unique experience for everyone is going to attend.


BUILDINGTeam building

We help you structure, organize and deliver tailored workshops and empowerment sessions, which are key in consolidating your equity in the long run. In order to develop and motivate teams, you need to provide experiences that build relationships, while being fun and engaging at the same time.

At Alpha Events we are very much aware of what can drive your employees to the next step!

We make sure these occasions have a tangible and measurable impact on your staff, to allow you to meet your goals and stand out in your market.



Alpha Events works strategically with every client to help them define every facets of their events, from theme and tone of voice to location and set up.

We like to add that little wow effect to every bit of the project, to ensure each one is personal, tailor-made and reveals the uniqueness of the brand.

Every interaction a customer holds with a brand is an opportunity to bring the relationship to life – encouraging loyal and committed users.

Hence we counsel about how to create events that resonate with your audience, in which every piece of communication contributes to build the image of your characterful brand.


Virtual Events

Virtual events provide an online platform in which all players connect in a virtual environment that completely breaks up the restrictions of physical environments.


  • Greater participation of the attendees
  • Broader attendance
  • Important cost reduction
  • Higher profitability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Immersive and innovative experiences

Hybrid Events

Hybrid meetings simultaneously offer physical and online experiences. The objective being that the attendees interact amongst themselves without any physical barriers with the infused power of the digital world.


  • Possibility of attending lectures, conferences, workshop or activities  face to face and online (live transmission or virtual space)
  • Broader attendance

Virtual Teambuilding

Our virtual team-building activities consist of a variety of exciting challenges for participants to complete. It allows teams to connect and stay motivated while physically apart. The content of the challenges can either be standardized (i.e. provided by us) or created specifically for your organisation.

Our activities help remote teams to form social bonds, combat loneliness, and improve communication on a tactical level.

You dream it, we make it


It’s often forgotten that, behind any meeting, conference or workshop, there are real people who have to be engaged, entertained and surprised. Our team always makes sure to design with your audience in mind. 

The attendees’ experience is at the heart of all our projects. And we are keen on running an extra mile to make them go

Engage and delight your participants, by spicing up lunches and dinners with theme activities and a good mattering of fun. Creativity and customisation is what Alpha Events puts in place, to deliver a unique experience for everyone involved.



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